Basement finishing st louis experts

How many of you are looking at a basement that just has concrete floors and walls?  You are looking at untapped potential here.  This unfinished basement of yours could be so much more, and you are thankfully at the right place to get help with your project.  Our basement finishing st louis experts can come out, take measurements, and provide you with a competitive bid for finishing your basement in a timely fashion.  Looking to add a bathroom in your basement?  Or maybe a bar with a sink?  We can take care of that for you!  Stop wasting your usable square footage in your home and make an investment into your property value today!

     Maybe you are just overwhelmed with all of the work that goes into planning this big project.  We can help give you suggestions for how to layout your basement so that you can maximize your usable space and save money on your finished basement.  We can break basement finishing st louis down into many stages:  

  • Framing up the walls and establishing doorways and floor plan
  • Establishing all plumbing and electrical work that needs to be accomplished
    • Bathroom and kitchen supplies will be installed per the build
    • Lighting should be identified and roughed in
  • Installing drywall and finishing the surface per your preference
    • We always suggest having painting completed before flooring is installed
  • Install the doors throughout the basement
  • Install the flooring and trim work
  • There are always odds and ends that need to be completed to finish up the project

framing up the basement

here we have the finished product

basement finishing Saint Louis Projects

 Metro East Home Repair can travel to any location in the St. Louis metro east area to help you with your projects.  Maybe your basement is in rough shape and the previous owners took poor care of their basement.  Well our basement finishing Saint Louis experts can come in and identify things that need to be replaced and help repair much of the damage.  We are most interested in finding the best solution that works for our clients.  We can also work with insurance companies if the repair is related to a covered item on your insurance.  Some people have sewer line backups or major storm damage that ends with a flooded basement.  We can help you salvage what is left and rebuild your basement so it is brand new again.

     We have had to go in and completely gut basements before and install new stud walls due to extreme damage, so we are well accustomed with the work needing to be done.  Metro East Home Repair is well aware of all the pitfalls that come with finishing a basement.  We can break your basement finishing project into multiple phases to allow you to acquire the necessary funds to finish each phase.  Maybe you are mainly interested in having a bathroom installed in your basement first and can wait on finishing the rest until more funds are available.  We totally understand the need to budget for these phases, and can help you with organizing the way ahead.  

     If you or your friends and family are in need of a basement finishing Saint Louis team to help with your basement project, please give us a call or fill out our Contact Us form so we can come out and give you a free estimate! 


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