Looking for someone to pour Concrete Belleville IL?

Metro East Home Repair can help you with your concrete Belleville IL project!  We have concrete specialists that can pour concrete sidewalks or even driveways.  Many of our customers know exactly how hard it is to find a good concrete contractor in Belleville il.  It is for that very reason that we have people on call to help with concrete pouring and resurfacing.  Maybe you have an existing concrete pad that just needs resurfacing?  Well we can help with that as well!  Concrete work is back breaking work, and it requires quite a bit of patience and finesse to shape and form it correctly.  Building concrete forms can be time consuming as well, and thankfully, we are perfectly comfortable with this process.  Maybe you are looking to have a concrete patio installed out back right off of your house?  We can help install that and have a nice brush finish applied.  Sometimes we get calls for pouring concrete Belleville IL for a shed or outbuilding, and that requires a bit more work.  We often do a smooth finish on concrete floors for sheds or outbuildings simply to allow for less dust to collect.  

     A smooth finish on concrete is time consuming in and of itself.  You have to pour the concrete and strike it off so that it is flat.  Once the surface has cured for a bit, you can start to use a flat trowel to work the surface and smooth it out into a flat and shiny finish. 

Looking for concrete contractors Belleville IL?

This kind of work is usually done by concrete contractors Belleville IL using a powered trowel in order to save time and to reduce the amount of backbreaking work needing to be done on it.  After the concrete has cured for a couple of days, you can safely apply a sealer to help reduce the amount of water and contaminants that may stain and soak into your concrete.  Concrete is a pretty porous material so you have to be careful to maintain it so it does not degrade over time. 

     Concrete sidewalks and patios are much easier than pouring a pad for a building.  If you are pouring concrete patios or sidewalks, you can easily just apply a brush finish to the concrete and be done with it.  You wouldn’t want a smooth finish to concrete that could have sitting water on it or you could have a slipping hazard on your hands!  Our concrete contractors Belleville IL can apply a brush finish that will allow for a proper contour to allow for better grip between your feet and the surface.

     Stamped concrete is also another popular finish that people have done.  Stamped concrete allows for a special mold to be used and pressed onto the still wet concrete allowing the concrete to take on a different finish.  Stamped concrete is starting to show up at many homes and even on outdoor patios and sidewalks.  Homeowners are looking for a finish that has a bit more character now.  Feel free to reach out to us if you would like some concrete work done at your home, we would be happy to come out to take measurements so we can provide you with a free estimate.

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If you need any other handyman type of services and you are near Troy IL, be sure to give us a call.  Our handyman Troy IL is available to come out and help with many different types of projects.