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Drywall work is tough and time consuming.  How many of you had the opportunity to hang a sheet of drywall at your home or someone else’s home?  If you have done this before, you know better than anyone how much effort it takes just to lift that sheet of drywall off of the ground!  Our local drywall contractors St Louis MO can help you with your project any day of the week.  Metro East Home Repair has teams of contractors who can help you tackle any project you have in your home and drywall work is no exception to this.
     A question I often receive is, “Well is your team able to do all of the drywall work from start to finish?”  Well yes of course we can!  It is important that you let our team know exactly what kind of finish you would like for your walls and ceiling, but other than that, we can get it all done for you in a timely fashion.  Here is another great question we hear, “What kind of drywall finishing options can your team provide?”  Well that is a good question that could take some time to explain!  Our drywall contractors St Louis MO can finish your drywall with a smooth, knockdown, sand, or even a plaster finish depending on the style you are looking for as far as patterns are concerned.  We of course have different pattern styles for wall textures that we are happy to walk you through!   We always recommend trying to stick to an existing pattern in your house to help blend things in better, which brings us to our next important topic.


First of all, don’t be discouraged if you do not actually live in st. louis!  Our contractors can travel to any location in the metro east area, hence the name Metro East Home Repair.  Making repairs to drywall can be tough if you have a special type of texture on your wall that needs to be matched.  Our drywall repair st louis experts can help you identify what kinds of texture you have on your existing wall so that once the new piece of drywall is in place, we can finish it with the right tools to match your wall texture.  Drywall finishing is an art, and it takes a special finesse to work the various tools needed to make a pattern that is appealing to the eyes.  Have you had a toilet leak in your upstairs bathroom and completely ruined your drywall on your first floor ceiling?  We have seen this before, and this is a perfect example of drywall repair st louis

 First things first, you have to remove the water logged drywall and dispose of it.  Water damage can cause second order effects such as mold damage, so it is important to remove the old drywall simply to bring more oxygen to the material in the ceiling such as the second floor sub-flooring.  Once everything is sufficiently dry, we can start shaping new pieces of drywall to go back in place.  Once that is completed, and the drywall is installed, we can then start the process of finishing the drywall to match your existing ceiling texture.

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You don’t have to worry any longer about how you are going to get your walls finished in your house.  We know how stressful these projects can be, and when they add up, you just wonder when you are ever going to get around to it!  Our drywall st louis team is dedicated to providing you with the best finished look on the market.  Maybe you are in the market for a smooth finished look so that when you put that eggshell paint on the walls it has that warm feel.  Smooth finished walls can be tricky due to the amount of sanding needed.  You have to be prepared to have a little dust in the air if you don’t have the right tools for the job.  We utilize a system that allows us to greatly reduce the amount of airborne dust created by sanding drywall.  If you would prefer to have a wall texture to help hide any imperfections that arise over the following years, we understand.  If you have kids, you know that they are not the best at keeping things in nice shape.  Kids and dogs can easily damage drywall, and repairing drywall with a texture on it is easier than repairing drywall with a smooth finish in my opinion.  It is much harder to hide imperfections on a smooth finished wall.  Either way, our drywall st louis team can provide you with whatever finishing technique you would like to have applied to your wall!

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Metro East Home Repair has a multitude of skills associated with our contractors, and drywall work is one of many.  We can install drywall and even give you a plaster finish if you prefer.  Some customers enjoy having the sandy finish that a plaster finish can offer.  Plaster is a material different from joint compound in that it can cure in a much faster time, and it is rock solid.  Having a plaster finish on your walls can give you the added strength and durability as opposed to a wall that is just finished with joint compound.  Our Metro Drywall specialists can walk you through the different options that would work well with your project.  If you are looking for someone to come and help you with your projects, please give us a call and schedule a time for us to come out and give you a quote!  We can cover residential and commercial construction projects of any size.  Just let us know the basic idea that you have and we can sit down with you and go over some options to go through.