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Many cities in the St. Louis metro east are very particular with what kind of electrical work can be done by a handyman.  For instance, if you have electrical wire that needs to be run from your electrical panel to install a new circuit, there is a good chance you will need a licensed electrician to do this work depending on your city codes.  How we can be of benefit to you is very simple, we can come and look at the work you need to have done and determine what needs a licensed electrician and what does not.  We have a licensed electrician to do their part, and our electricians Belleville IL expert can help you finish the rest.  Maybe you are wondering, “Why not just call a licensed electrician in the first place?”  Well some city codes may allow for some work to be done by a handyman, which will be much more affordable than having a licensed electrician.  If you hire a licensed electrician to replace a light fixture or a ceiling fan, you are going to pay significantly more than what you would pay a handyman.  

     Before you jump on the phone and get an electrician out, why not give us a call to look at your problem first?  If the project can be completed by our electricians Belleville IL expert, then we can easily save you money by avoiding the electrician’s fees!  Always remember that you can give us a call or leave a message to schedule a free estimate!

Our handyman Belleville il can help diagnose your problem

Electrical problems can be much simpler to diagnose than you think.  A large percentage of problems in my opinion within electrical systems is the tendency for connections to loosen over time and the bond becoming weak as a result of it.  Metro East Home Repair can help determine what sort of issues you are having and find the right course of action to fix it.  Our handyman Belleville IL is skilled with even basic electrical repair and installation.  Installing new electrical outlets and light fixtures is actually quite simple if the proper code requirements are followed.  I have seen people do some scary stuff when it comes to electrical work, so it is important that you have someone come out and look at the setup you have.  If a job requires a licensed electrician, we can help set up that appointment for you!  Sometimes if you have an electrical problem that is dangerous, we might also suggest that a licensed electrician corrects the issue to keep everyone involved safe.  You can rest assured that our handyman Belleville IL is insured and has experience in fixing many problems with electrical work.  We understand how stressful your home project list can make you.  Let us come and help you knock items off your to do list!   You can call or submit a request via our contact us form and we will get back with you on our availability!  

electricians Belleville IL Experts

We have an excellent staff of electricians Belleville IL that can help remodel your electrical wiring in your home.  If you need any work done by flooring contractors be sure to give us a call so we can help with that work as well!