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Metro East Home Repair has a handyman Collinsville IL available to come out and check out the issues you are having!  Collinsville IL is a great town with an abundance of old and new construction houses.  As your house gets older, things start to fail.  That is just the way things go when it comes to commercial and residential real estate.  Metro East Home repair can help you with anything from roof repair, kitchen and bathroom remodels, all the way to replacing doors!  We have an extensive list of professionals that we work with to help diversify our efforts allowing us to bring more clients into the fold.  It is easy to see that our handyman Collinsville IL is the best suited for helping you complete your project list at your house or business!  Maybe you have an older home with just 2 prong outlets and you are looking to upgrade your electrical in your house!  We can help you pull the right permits and find an electrician in Collinsville il.  Electrical updates are often the last thing that someone thinks about when they are updating their house.  You generally don’t notice these things until you decide to plug something in to your outlets!  It is not safe to just remove the old outlet and install a new 3 prong outlet without first identifying some things.  An electrician in Collinsville IL would look at the sizing of the wire and also look to make sure that there is a properly sized ground wire running to the outlet.

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Metro East Home Repair is your one stop shop for Collinsville IL handyman services near you!  Is your GFCI outlet constantly tripping for no reason at all?  Well you can call an electrician in Collinsville il, or you can give us a call.  If you work with an electrician on a small job such as this, you could be spending quite a bit of money just to have them diagnose the issue.  It could just be a simple fix, and if not, we can reach out to the right professionals to pull permits and correct the issues.  

     We never know what we are going to find when we are mid project.  Sometimes we can get an idea of the level of damage there is, but you really just don’t know until you tear everything out.  In some cases we can assume the worst and hope for the best, but either way, the bid is going to reflect worse case scenarios so that you are not surprised by how much something is going to cost.  For example, if you have a random Collinsville IL handyman install a shower for you, and you notice leaking occurring, we have to assume up front that the shower may have been installed wrong.  We can take precautions and try to seal any joints that may be leaking, but you really won’t know until you look at the drain work.  Contact Us today to schedule an appointment for us to come out and look at your project list!

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Give us a call today if you are looking for a handyman near Collinsville IL.  If you are closer to the Edwardsville IL side, be sure to give us a call as well.  Our handyman Edwardsville IL can travel to many of the cities in the Metro East area!