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 Is your project list just way too long and there is little to no time for you to get after it?  Let our handyman Edwardsville IL come and assess the situation.  I have spent quite a bit of time in Edwardsville IL.  I actually graduated from the school of engineering there years ago, so I am very familiar with the area.  If you spend time near downtown Edwardsville, you can easily see beautiful old construction that is well over 100 years old and many old houses are in need of updating!  Although you have some older homes closer to downtown, you still have vast neighborhoods of new construction throughout the Edwardsville area.  So whether you have a new or an old home, you will likely run into things failing over time.  Maybe you have a house layout that is just not working for you anymore!  Our handyman Edwardsville IL can come out and inspect the walls and determine what is able to come down, and what will require support.  Knocking down walls is all fun and games until the roof sags and falls in.  I know how important it is for people to make a home of their own, but sometimes knocking down walls can cause more problems than you are wanting to have.  Feel free to contact us and set up a time for one of our crew to come out and take measurements for you.  We have a number of contractors who specialize in different areas to help improve the availability for you and all of our clients.

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General construction work is a busy career field, and there is typically more work than people to do the work!  That is why our Edwardsville IL handyman is working tirelessly to help keep up with the workload.  Maybe you have tried to reach out to other contractors to work on a kitchen or bathroom remodel, but they are just way too booked up.  Give us a call or fill out our form and we will check our availability!  Many handyman services are just one guy who is driving around doing all of the work.  We have a team of people who are available to get work done.  There is no job too big or too small for our contractors to tackle.  We can help with both residential and commercial locations so if you are a business owner, feel free to reach out so we can give you a bid for you to compare to others.  Most commercial operations require multiple bids before they can make their decisions, we just ask that you let us come out and make a bid for the job as well!  Our Edwardsville IL handyman is ready to come out and take measurements for your job and if there is a list of things you need accomplished, we can help by itemizing each item so that we can start reducing that list for you!

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Give us a call today if you are looking for a handyman near Edwardsville IL.  If you are closer to the Collinsville IL side, be sure to give us a call as well.  Our handyman Collinsville IL can travel to many of the cities in the Metro East area!