Metro East Home Repair is a full service home remodeling and construction company.  We can help you with all of your residential or commercial repair needs.  Our handyman services Belleville IL is insured and ready to come out and give you a free estimate on your projects today!  We can help you with projects around the house that are piling up.  One customer of ours walked us through a list of seven items that he was looking to have completed.  We took detailed notes and measurements and we were able to provide itemized estimates for each task so that we could tackle them at our own pace.  Feel free to Contact Us to set up an appointment to have us out and check out your projects!  We know how stressful it is to watch repairs go unchecked and in some cases they can snowball and cause other related problems.  It is convenient to have a handyman Belleville IL at your fingertips to jump on these things in order of importance and severity.  We would love to add you to our list of customers in an effort to help get after these issues before they become a big problem.  Once the work is completed we will do a follow up appointment with you to make sure that the issues have been resolved, and if the issue is not resolved we will work diligently to fix it.  We work hard to satisfy our clients so they will continue utilizing our services in the future!

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Don’t just go with any handyman services Belleville IL, choose a service that is upfront and transparent with their work and capabilities!  I personally spend a considerable amount of time going through homeowner’s houses and repairing items for them in order to help them get their house listed for sale.    An example list of items to be fixed are as follows:

  • Repair and patch drywall holes and cracks
  • Install new toilets throughout the house
  • Install new laminate flooring in living room and dining room
  • Replace outlet covers with matching sets
  • Replace light fixtures with newer updated fixtures

     This list is just an example of everyday corrections that are made for homeowners across the metro east area.  Homeowners are seeing the high real estate prices and thinking to themselves, “Hey, I could sell my house for a pretty penny and move to something smaller now that the kids are out of the house and it is just my spouse and I!”  Our handyman services Belleville IL can help you get your house ready to sell!  We have a list of suggestions that we normally use to help sell houses, so if this is up your alley let us know and we can come out and walk through your house with you to identify things that will help it sell for the best and highest price!  Contact us now and schedule an appointment to have us come out and help you get your house ready to sell!

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