Home Inspection St Louis MO

Home Inspections are rarely called for unless someone is trying to sell a home.  Metro East Home Repair is very diligent about home inspection St Louis MO.  We always suggest that people regularly have home inspections done so that they can catch issues that may eventually become major problems.  For example, if we were to come in and do a home inspection, we could identify possible water leaks that may be rotting out your flooring throughout your house.  If this leak is found soon, the damage may be minimal and require very little work, but if you let this leak go, it could mean thousands of dollars worth of damage done to your home!  Make sure you call to schedule a home inspection St Louis MO with one of our specialists!  We can come in and provide you with a detailed inspection report that shows all of the various issues that need attention!  We will of course provide you with a report that has everything listed in order of importance.  Some issues may be minor and not need immediate attention, while other issues may need immediate attention to prevent major damage to the house.  A minor issue for example may be a damaged door knob or a leaky faucet!  These minor issues are not necessarily going to cause major damage to your home, but they may cause you some frustration over time if they are not corrected.  Be sure to give Metro East Home Repair a call today and schedule an appointment for one of our specialists to come to your house and provide you with a thorough home inspection!
     Many of our home inspection St Louis MO business comes from local real estate agents.  One of our most valued and consistent real estate agencies is Dream Homes with Jake located out of O’Fallon IL.  They are a great company to work with and they provide a consistent amount of work for us across the board!  One of the most common calls we get are to come out and not only provide a home inspection, but to also make repairs to the house before it is ready to be sold.  Many times, homeowners work with a real estate agent, and have no idea how much work and effort will go into getting their house ready to sell!  It is smart to get ahead of the game and request a home inspection St Louis MO before you are ready to list your house so that when the buying agent requests a home inspection, you will have already taken care of many of the issues they would find.  The buying agent is working with the buyer to schedule home inspections themselves, and having an inspection done already will help provide the buyer with more information regarding all of the work that you did to the house to justify your price point.  Don’t let people low ball you on their offers for your house.  Make sure that you schedule a time for us to come out and give you a thorough inspection so that you can have everything taken care of before you even list your house!
     Real estate is a stressful market to be in, and selling your house is even more stressful!  We can offer financing plans to help you pay for any major upgrades or repairs to your house.  Make sure that if you plan on selling your house that you call our friends with Dream Homes with Jake so that they can help you sell your house quickly and for the highest price!  They can also help you find a new home in the area!  They are licensed for both the Illinois and Missouri residents in the St. Louis Metro East Area!  If you are an Illinois resident looking to move to Missouri, Dream Homes with Jake can help you sell your current home, and find you a new one!  They have been dedicated for years helping families through the stressful process of buying and selling homes, and they have consistently worked with our company to provide home inspection and repair services.  If you are in need of any home repairs or any inspections don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment with one of our professional contractors.  We appreciate your business and look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you and your family!  We appreciate any and all feedback you have for us and can’t wait to speak to you soon!   Be sure to check out our other blog posts like this deck repair St Louis post!