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 We absolutely love doing kitchen and bathroom remodels.  Metro East Home Repair can complete the entire install of a bathroom and kitchen.  Some cities require a licensed plumber to make certain connections so it is important that we identify who your inspectors are beforehand!  If you have ever had licensed plumbers Belleville IL come by and give you a quote for plumbing work, you know that this can be fairly expensive.  When we have a kitchen remodel for example, we will install the plumbing work for the sink.  This amount of plumbing work is fairly simple for us, and will take very little time.  We have had bathroom remodels where we needed to jackhammer concrete floors to add a shower in the bathroom simply because a previous owner decided only to have it plumbed for a toilet and sink.  Depending on the complexity of your project, we can provide you with a competitive quote and have it completed in a timely manner.  Our handyman plumbers Belleville IL can help diagnose leaky pipes along with burst ones as well!  Sometimes pipes will burst if they have weakened over time.  We have tools and skills to fix these leaks or breaks so that you don’t have to worry about it again!  A common issue that we run into with many customers is clogged drains.  Have you ever tried to use a drain cleaning chemical to clear out your drains?  These products are a waste of money in my opinion.

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Those drain chemicals that people use to increase the drain speed of their sinks is just ridiculous.  A useful thing to do in this situation is to remove the trap and clean It out every year or so.  Our Belleville IL plumbers and handymen can help you diagnose many plumbing issues with your home.  I once saw a house that had old plumbing in it, and the water flow was terrible.  In cases like these, it is important to replace water lines that are made with old black pipe due to the amount of rust and corrosion that occurs over the years.  Replacing this pipe with copper or pex tubing is essential in increasing water flow throughout your house!  Some cities in the St. Louis metro east require specific code compliance when installing water lines to make sure that corners are not cut, and to avoid poor craftsmanship.  Many Belleville IL plumbers will use a set material for installing water lines depending on their preference.  Our Metro East Home Repair team typically likes to match whatever product or system is currently installed to avoid any issues with water flow.  For example, the inside diameter of a half inch pex tubing is slightly smaller than the inside diameter of half inch copper tubing.  The copper tubing will allow a slightly higher water flow for those measurements, but may not be as flexible.  There are pros and cons for choosing between pex and copper and it mostly just comes down to personal preference.  With the rising price of copper, many new home installations are using pex as a means of reducing cost. 

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