Deck Repair St Louis Experts

We just finished up a job this week.  We got a call from a customer requesting to have their deck sanded and stained.  We are your local deck repair St Louis experts.  We can travel around the St. Louis metro east area to do deck repair work to include fixing/replacing deck boards, and refinishing the surface of the remainder of your deck so that we can bring your deck back to it’s full vibrant appearance!

We showed up for the job and started to sand down the surface.  As you can see in the before pictures, the deck needed to be cleared of all the top level blemishes.  Once we finished with sanding, we applied a stain that was chosen by the customer.  We normally have the customer pick out the stain so that they can get what they are looking for.  Picking stains can be a tough process.  You advise picking a few colors, and staining some scrap pieces of wood so that you can get an idea of the look before committing to a particular stain.  


Deck sanding and staining is a tedious and time consuming process.  Each and every spindle must be sanded with precision, and once that is completed, each spindle has to be covered with stain.  The staining process for the deck boards takes no time at all, but it could literally take days to stain the spindles and the railing due to all of the tight spots.

We can do all sorts of deck repair St Louis so be sure to give us a call so we can come out and give you a quote for your project!

Deck Repair Belleville IL Specialists

Are you a homeowner who has had deck builders install a new deck for you? Do you have any problems with your deck and need deck repair Belleville IL?  Did the job go as you expected? We know how stressful it is to have a contractor build your deck. Sometimes the deck is not completed according to code. First, contact your deck builders to resolve the problem. We can give you a quote if they are unwilling or unable to meet your request.

It is important to hold the original deck builders accountable so you can avoid having extra costs.  Decks are a big investment and we understand how important it is to reduce costs where we can.  We often repair decks for other deck builders.  We are experts in deck repairs Belleville IL. We can handle any job, big or small. We are insured and professional contractors who will help you have peace of mind with your deck repairs. Storms and other inclement weather can often cause deck damage without warning. Large branches and trees have fallen onto decks, causing quite a lot of damage to deck boards and railings. We try to save as much as possible and fix the damage as quickly as possible without putting too much strain on your budget. Matching the wood sealant or stain for wood decks is a big part of deck repairs and it is time consuming. Sometimes, it can be difficult to match stains, which would make the deck repairs look less professional.

Deck Builder Belleville IL Contractor

Are you interested in having our deck builder Belleville IL come out and give you a quote for a new deck?  Have you scheduled a date for Metro East Home Repair to help with your deck construction project? You need to be prepared for a variety of things. The deck builders will mark the location where the deck will be built. JULIE is required to call if we plan to build a deck along the Illinois side.  This will allow us to safely dig for concrete pouring, and then place the posts. To identify underground utilities, if the project is in Missouri, DIG RITE will be required.

After it is safe to dig we will start digging the foundation for the deck. To ensure that we have enough space, you will need to clear the area of any personal items or debris. We may have to charge for access to electricity if the area is not connected to the grid. Deck installation is not a quick project. We inform our customers about this. Many of these projects take several days to complete. Be aware that we may need to leave the site at the end of the day, and then return the next morning to continue working on the project. We will do everything possible to finish your deck installation on time. We take pride in the quality of our deck builder Belleville IL projects and will not compromise on time. You will be happy with your deck when it is completed by our professional deck builders. If you wish to add on to your deck, we can assist you as well.

Just keep in mind that we can offer financing options for you to work with if you are needing assistance for your deck project!  Call today!