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Well you have come to the right place!  Metro East Home Repair is a full service handyman Troy IL.  We can travel all around the St. Louis metro east area to include towns on both the Illinois and Missouri side of the river.  Troy Il is a great small town not far outside of St. Louis and many houses are being developed and built in this area.  The housing prices are climbing and more and more homeowners are looking at putting their house on the market to take advantage of this real estate market!  I don’t blame them, I would make the same decision in a heartbeat.  There are no doubt some updates and repairs that your house could use, which is where we come in!  Contact our handyman Troy IL to come over and walk you through some low hanging fruit to help you get the most for your house!  Take the stress out of your home repair updates and let us tackle these projects so you can focus on other more important things.  We have access to painters and cleaning services to help provide the finishing touches on your house so when it comes time to list you will be ahead of the game!  Many clients of ours spend time dragging their feet on projects saying they will put it off till they have time to tackle it themselves.  We get it, sometimes you want to work at your own pace and get things taken care of in your free time.

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Why should you contact our Troy IL handyman?  It is important that you focus your time and money on things that will help bring you peace at the end of the day.  Yes you could fix all of the things on your home repair list, or you could pay someone to get it done quickly and efficiently.  Whether you are looking to sell your home sooner or later, these things need to be corrected so that when you list your house, you will be able to list it for the ideal amount of money.  Something as simple as a chipped toilet or a stain on a carpet could turn someone away from offering what you deserve for your home.  If obvious signs start to pop up as a potential buyer is looking at your house, it is reasonable to expect them to offer less than what you are wanting to get for your house.  Let our Troy IL handyman come out to your residence and walk you through some suggested modifications.  You probably already have a pretty good idea of things that need to be higher on the list of priority.  The most efficient way to book an appointment is to fill out our contact us form so that we can get the right contractors out to your home to check it out!  Feel free also to give us a call and leave a message so that we can get back to you as soon as possible! 

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Are you needing any concrete Belleville IL work done around your house?  Be sure to give our handyman Troy IL a call so we can come out and get a look at your project!  We are ready for any project you have for us.